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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 16, 2017 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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wind driven flames tear from home to home in bucks county on easter sunday as horrible as it is there's reason to give thanks news in 30 seconds. live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 10:00. developing tonight in ohio, a manhunt for a killer who live
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streamed murders. steve stevens is a wanted man. he recorded killing a man on facebook live. thank you for joining us. i'm lucy noland >> he claims he has other victims, fox's will carr picks up the story. >> reporter: senseless is the word they're utilizing after confirming the murder and facebook live video are authentic, now they're searching for him didn'ted down an elderly man on east 93rd street in cleveland while streaming the attack. another video he's seen driving round. he stopped in after the love of his life pushed him to a breaking point. he claimed he killed more than a dozen people. >> like i said, i killed 13, i'm working on 14, so to speak, >> the chief came out and said they have not connected him to any other murders but asking the public to call 911 if they see anything suspicious
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>> currently there are no other victims we know of. we've checked several locations that were either in the pulse itself or we got information about. so far, there are no more victims that we know that are tied to steve's. >> reporter: at this point, there's only one victim that's been confirmed, the elderly gentleman shot and killed earlier today. we just heard from the victim's family a short time ago. take a listen. >> he's gone. i don't know what i would do. it's not real. >> my heart is going to stop. >> reporter: stevens is a case manager had a children's mental health facility. 6'1", the police chief is asking for him to turn himself in, saying two families had hurting and they don't need more. will carr. four homes in bucks county left scorched and destroyed from
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a huge fire. investigators say high winds made the situation worse. the search for what started. let's head out to joyce evans live at the scene. >> reporter: guy, those winds are still high out here. so are the firefighters still on the scene trying to stabilize what is left of those burned out homes. an incredible fire to fight in the middle of a packed neighborhood. houses burning trees burning. the siding melting off the sides of nearby houses. and neighbors worry standing by wondering, who's house might be next. >> this is horrifying. because it's easter sunday and looks like it's two, three families's homes. this is horrifying. >> i just hope everything is out safe and everybody is fine. but it's just horrible thing to happen. >> four homes a total loss. high winds and fast flames
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working against them. as firefighters race to save the next house in the line of fire on the 130 block of park avenue. morrisville fire chief said more bad luck, low hydrants. they managed to save those other houses >> as high as i can see, the tree where was on fire. and the wind was blowing the flames over these house >> wind was so strong win 15 minutes, all three houses on that side were engulfed in flames. >> reporter: it really was amazing firefighter work that we saw out here today. you know they had a little bit of luck along the delaware river. two houses were vacant, two occupied only one woman was home
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and police had to go knock on her door and say, the house next door is burning and your sugarhouse right in the line those flames. her house burned to the ground, she's not in there tonight. neither are the other occupied houses. the two vacant houses were up for sale. two houses on the other side with the melting siding, the folks are back home. incredible scene out here tonight. so much devastation they say they may never know how it started. iain? >> thank you. everyone is ok after this fire in lancaster down this afternoon. fresco user nick caught firefighters scaling the roof of a home during the response. the fire broke out on north rig with avenue. crews were quickly able to knock it down. dirt bike rider accused of hitting a young girl and grandma was facing charging. he hit the 6-year-old girl and her grandmom on 69th and car jack add driver at gunpoint.
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he had been running from police who are chasing him. he's facing a number of charges, including aggravated assault, both victims are still in the hospital. another push tonight from police asking for help in the case of an uber driver now missing almost a week. kristen disappeared april 11th of the last time she was dropping off a fare in northeast philadelphia before 5:00 in the morning, the passenger has nothing to do with her disappearance. they're looking for her car, a 2003 dark green four-door subaru. they say the 45-year-old not answered her phone nor made contact with her family. tonight left town bucks county, a lot of questions surrounding a fatal crash. two cars collide odd and routine 13 about 2:45 this afternoon. the car that ended up on the grass torn party. police are not saying if more
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than one person died or anyone else was injured or what went roth. roads did close as crews cleaned up. the roads are back open. why would a guy spray paint the cars of two septa transit officers? police say this guy dorian gray did. and septa transit police chief thompson nestle tweeted he was mad they kept cleaning his graffiti. he spray painted the cars at broad and glenwood. here ap live look at the to city right now. it's a beautiful weekend to spend time down the shore. camera shaking. it felt more like the 4th of july with temperatures in the 80's. brad sattin joins us from south street and queen village. a lot of people spent the holiday outside in this warm weather. >> reporter: and right into the night, a sure sign of this beautiful weather is south side, lots of people out, cars, bikes, motorcycle, people well into the
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night. most have to work but who can blame them? plenty to tweet about on a day like today. easter sunday under a hot summertime sun ahigh in the upper 80's. perfect for an easter egg hunt an cook-out. something smells good >> we're cooking rib, hot dog, hamburgers. >> reporter: it sure felt good. throw in ice cream. mr. softy seemed to be around. this ice cream man has been serving 75 people an hour. why so warm so early? well, seems we have morgan to thank for that. she had a feeling >> everybody kept telling me that it's not going to be hot until like the real summertime. i proved them wrong. >> reporter: the only one we say found who may not like the heat are wayne and his friends. which one is wayne? well, wayne is the horse. >> some are doing good. they like this kind of weather, some of these guys are hanging
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on to the winter coats. >> reporter: no others to be found, though visiting from germany had them ready. this is not what they expected >> i think it's more raining and cold >> they agree it's time for old man winter to fly a kite. a day to pull out your easter sunday best >> this is a special day. >> rporter: some easter sunday best look better than others. >> there you go. >> i don't look as good as you. put the glasses on. >> all right. i'm feeling it. i'm feeling it. i like it. all right. nicely done. >> my version of looking cool iain and lucy, i think i failed >> i think you nailed it, brad. you looked good, buddy. >> thank you. now, let's get a quick peak of the forecast with monica cryan
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temperatures are comfortable. 79 in the city, high 87, those winds whipping up about 21 miles per hour, notice we have a line of showers now rolling through berks county, heading towards chester and into delaware. rolling through montgomery county. we'll see this line pass through the next few hours with scattered showers through the overnight. and temperatures behind those showers are going to be cooler. your highs not as warm as they were today. i've got look at the full forecast coming up back to you. >> thank you very much. it's easter sunday, the holiest day. in mantua, they've been uplifting the homeless and so many people shared their stories >> sabina kuriakose has some inspiring changes. ♪ . >> reporter: resurrection, not found in colored eggs or candy, but in song, prayer and renewed
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hope. 24-year-old joe is being baptized at chosen 300 ministries in west philadelphia. listen to his stopper and religious or not you'll be moved. he's here the father of young twins because he wants to change his life. a fresh start, a path away from his past. >> running the street. stuff i did when i was younger, trying to stop all of that. >> reporter: he says his journey began with the nudging of a friend. >> this man brought me down here and come to church one day, ever since a i just was coming >> he was living in a she would when he began attending. turned his life around and wanted to pay it forward bypassing on his new chants to his friend. >> giving it back, trying to stay blessed. at the same time, you getting
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bapti baptistized today. helping everybody out. you know what i'm saying? we doing walking the straight path. asking god to take care. >> we do intentionally celebrate what christ did for us by dying on the cross. he's showing forth his death burial. >> he leads the flock on lancaster. gathering his members along with the needy and homeless, giving them bread, water and during one of the holiest times >> they wanted to do something different. they wanted everyone to feel welcome and you didn't have to wear your sunday best. they wanted this to be about the religious holiday, not the commercial one. >> live a life that is pleasing to him and also helping others. >> reporter: attending service
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on sunday, it was hard not to feel the love stirring within every heart. in a world sometimes chaotic and very often challenging, the presence of hope can be overlooked. but here, it was unmistakable. sabina kuriakose. smoke, dozens of the cars incinerated. a teenager plugs in a hover board and fire, authorities cannot believe what they found in every room of the house. a naked homeowner surprised by a naked intruder. then a knock-out punch.
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dozens of cars charred rubble in freemont california. the people could see these massive flames and definitely the smoke from miles around. all this broke out at a used car lot. spread quickly one security guard on duty but he did not notice until it was too late. no one is hurt. florida, and another charred mess, this time a home after a teenager plugged into his new hover board. >> firefighters are stunned that the fire left damage in every room of the home. >> reporter: all the windows of this apartment were left open as one family spent easter sunday cleaning up one big mess. hanes city firefighters put the flames out quickly but it forced the family from the home after a hover board caught fire. >> we have heavy smoke conditions so we expected to be a lot more than a hover board.
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>> reporter: once the toy of the 2015 christmas season, a mom who did not wish to appear wishes she heeded warnings before her sons went up in flames in just a matter of minutes saturday. >> this actual hover board was plugged in minutes earlier. they walked out to throw the football around and looked back and there was heavy smoke conditions and couldn't return. it could happen that quickly. >> reporter: investigators aren't ready to say whether the hover board itself or the electrical outlet was to blame but recharging hover boards have been determined to cause numerous fires prompting recalls and leading to a fire that killed a three-year-old last month in harrisburg, pennsylvania. hanes city firefighters say this is the first time they've responded to a house fire involving a hover board. and were shocked by the amount of damage it was able to cause >> smoke damage in every room, the bedding, curtains everything. it's banked down in smoke, going
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to have tore thoroughly cleaned. completely painted. at mess, we did save the structure and nobody was hurt. today, marks ten years since the mass shooting at virginia tech. in 2007, 32 people died after a mentally ill student opened fire on students and faculty. survivors and families of the victims returned to campus to honor them. it was a somber respectful ceremony both current and former students came out to reflect and remember. senator tim kaine spoke. he called it the worst day of his life. >> even ten years later, i can't fully describe what the commonwealth, the virginia tech community, especially the 32 families and survivors went through on that day and in the following weeks and years. >> it's important for us to be
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here and be with the community and and with family >> the virginia tech shooting is the deadliest on any campus in u.s. history a delicate problem for new jersey state lawmaker, what to do about road side memorials. family andds often create them near a crash scene, new jersey is considering passing to set standard, they could become traffic hazards. a bill would let family members pay for a uniformed sign honoring the person who died, no word on what would happen if they can't afford it. deadline day in voters in pennsylvania to register for next month's primary races. it's closed so that means you need to be registered with the party to vote. you can do it by mail, online or in person. among the races of interest. the philadelphia district attorney seat school board and
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judge ships for the supreme, spear and commonwealth courts. washington lawmakers are calling for the debate on weather to authorize further maryland action in syria >> critics say it remains foggy. >> reporter: president trump national security vendors hr mcmaster says he doesn't believe they need more troops in syria. that's not good enough who are warning the u.s. against launching any kind of attacks against bashar al assad following the missile strike at a syrian base in response to a deadly chemical attack. they said not to expect the same the obama administration >> it says not only to adversaries but friends who have had questions that we are willing to put the resources into defending ourselves and
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making the judgments from time to time when it's necessary to use those military resources >> many are praising mr. trump's tomahawk strike. >> eight years we basically did nothing in response to some of the most horrendous war crimes in history. at least he did something. now, i hope in there will be a strategy to follow that up >> he doesn't seem to be someone that follows through with the deliberate planning process you need. he has to be able to come not just congress but the american people and explain >> this bus attack shows how complicated the situation in syria remains. blast saturday killed 126 people hitting an area where thousands of pro syrian government civilians have been waiting to evacuate. in washington, car li. >>. both parents thought the other had it. naked homeowner surprised by
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a naked intruder. see that knock-out punch >> the guy roughed up knew one of them.
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live look at center city. great night for a nice walk. warm evening but cooling down,
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meteorologist monica cryan has your forecast in a few minutes. we heads towards heat of summer, a story we repeated on too often. this time in texas >> one-year-old died after his parents left him inside a hot car for hours. police say residents and emergency crews tried to do cpr and revive him more than 25 minutes but unsuccessful. the boy may have been in the car up to five hours. the death has left the community in shock. meanwhile, police say it may have just been a terrible accident because of some confusion between the boy's parents. >> one family member thought the other family member was taking the child, when they got back went home discovered the child was still in the vehicle >> i met the little boy. he's just a little boy, tiny and cute. >> police are urging residents to make it a habit to check the back seat of the car before leaving. you got to do it. georgia veteran said he got the
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surprise of his life just as he got out of the shower. yell for help he ran out of the bathroom and saw a naked intruder tried to bust through the front door. that dad did what he had to do. >> i just caught the, and i went, pow and i saw his eyes roll back and he fell back. >> his wife called 911 but the man took off before officers arrived. the dad had the adrenaline going, that's about when one of hits sons said you know what? you're still buck naked, dad. a maryland family has their father's ashes back thanks to a kind stranger. >> you're welcome. >> fox 29 first brought you this story last week, martha found the ashes at a thrift shop. it didn't have a name. her husband died this year and she felt she needed to get the
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ashes back where they belong. the cream tore yum had a name but didn't have a contact information, martha turned to our fox station in washington, dc and martha was watching. >> i think he had a hand in it and i've been talking to him saying i know you guys are together. >> he passed away three years ago. his daughter wears some ashes and a cross around her neck but the rest were in storage unit >> glad they got them back. the crash on an interstate. mom was sitting behind him >> the video got two cops fired of the guy actually knew one of them. monica >> say good-bye to summer-like temperatures, work week forecast next.
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person a who killed a woman in kensington. police say someone shot the
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24-year-old around 1:30 this morning on the 3200 block of f street, died at temple university about a half hour later. police found a gun at the scene, no sign of the shooter. pedestrian is recovering after being hit by car in center city. authorities say it happened just after 2:00 in the morning at 15th and race. the victim was taken to hahnemann university hospital. no word on the extent of injuries or if the driver stopped. six people hurt in a crash on a busy interstate as authorities get a shock when they find out who was behind the wheel. a 14-year-old. >> fox's evan lambert reports his mom was one of the people injured >> joe is asking the same question many people have. after troopers say his 14-year-old grandson was behind the wheel of this suv saturday. the teen swerved to avoid another car during a lane change and slammed into a barrier wall according to transporters. it happened on i 4 westbound
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near mlk drive after 7:00 at night >> they were letting a 14-year-old. i don't know why and he lost control and hit the concrete wall >> joe says he can't understand why his daughter or her boyfriend louis would allow the 14-year-old behind the wheel. the teen's four young siblingses under six and a 16-year-old friend were inside the explorer rushed to hospital but survived. still in the hospital gowns, the children told their grandfather while we were with them their parents were giving the teen boy a driving lesson >> they hit the wall so hard, i've seen cars hit the wall that hard and explode. go up in flames, thank god that didn't happen. >> joe said he's grateful to spend easter with his grandchildren while they recover at home. his daughter and her boyfriend were most seriously injured. according to joe they have multiple surgeries and a long recovery ahead. >> she's going to survive,
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probably going to be in the hospital awhile. right now the one in bad shape is the daddy >> traffic stop two officers fired now a call for justice. a georgia man is fearful and traumatized. lawyers for 21-year-old holland are demanding criminal charges against the former police officers in these viral phone videos. they fired officer robert mcdonald and sarge michael bon. he attack changed his life overnight >> it's difficult to sleep or eat. i look in the mirror, see my bruises and my headache i'm happy i'm still alive >> what they did was atrocious and unacceptable. >> attorney justin miller said he ran into him during a traffic
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stop. miller believes that may have been behind the latest encounter. >> check on your worker here's monica. >> temperatures cooling down but still so comfortable we're in the upper 70's in philadelphia. 77 for those of us in wilmington. where it is cooling down the most, 66 in reading, 67 in lancaster is where he we see showers pushing through, gusty winds throughout the day, anywhere from 35 to 40. it is out of the south and starting to calm down, not as widespread as it was just few hours ago. it's going to be bringing us rain and we got the southerly winds. but as this front passes through, those winds are going to shift out of the north and that's going to bring in some cooler air as we head into monday. we're talking 76. that's a big difference between today and into tomorrow. so by tuesday, 67, and here's that gradual decline to near
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normal as we head to wednesday. we're looking much cooler temperatures, let's take a look at futurecast. frontal system is pushing through. it is bringing shower chances. back towards the west it's more widespread. it begins to break apart. we're talking isolated shower chances. this is what we'll be waking up to early monday, scour theed cloud cover and a chance for an isolated shower to pocono mountains as we head through the mid morning into the early afternoon, it does look like by monday, starts to clear out the cloud cover moves out and we're left with nice sunshine as we head to tuesday. your high for tomorrow, we're talking 76, few showers through the morning, that does start to clear out by the afternoon, not as warm but those winds out of the northwest pulling in that cooler air are not going to be as gusty. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. and the work week, 67 as we head to tuesday, mostly sunny
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conditions and then by wednesday, a little bit more cloud cover pushes through, we are picking up on rain and storm chances as we head to thursday. storm chances thursday, high of 72. unfortunately, look at this, the seven-day forecast, no 80's on this seven-day, we have lost that summer like warmth and it will feel more like spring. >> thanks. that will do it for us on the fox 29 news at 10:00. >> keep it here for sports sunday. . coming up on sports sunday, dion dawk ins will join me to talk about preparing for the nfl draft and the favorite music. you don't want to miss this i go around the world with tj mcconnell giving us dirty coming up next.
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